Hotel Brno - Service


For your homey feeling,
our hotel staff will arrange
to wash your laundry on the request.


Did you open the baggage
and your clothes prepared
for important meeting were wrinkled?
We can iron your clothes.

Hotel service WASH LAUNDRY Hotel service IRONING CLOTHES

Обслуживание в номерах:

We want to make your stay
at the hotel as pleasant as possible.
We will bring you breakfast, dinner, drinks, letters
and other stuff directly to your apartment.
Room service is for a fee.


We care about the satisfaction
of all the hotel guests, therefore we desire
to go to shop for everything you will need.
Just write us a shopping list and your shopping
can be prepared on your apartment prior to arrival.

Hotel service ROOM SERVICE Hotel service SHOPPING


Mail service, documents and presentation
printing, organization of business meeting
and other tasks are not a problem
for our receptionists.
We will arrange everything
from administration for you.


If you want to visit cultural attractions,
theatres, cinemas or other places,
we provide all the necessary information
about the city of Brno and its surroundings.
Our staff will help you find
your way or for example arrange the tickets
so that your stay was without any complications.

Hotel service SECRETARIAT Hotel service INFORMATION:

CZ-602 00 BRNO, Cejl 67
T: +420-545/422 000
F: +420-545/422 009